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The Different forms of cricket:

In the old days, the cricket did not flourish much because of slowness. And there was only that slow form of cricket which people usually did not watch due to a shortage of spare time. But now cricket is revolutionized, and there are many types of cricket being played all over the globe.

Watch cricket live free in High Definition Result:

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The fastest format, T20 Internationals:

It is the shortest form of cricket. It is a limited over the type of cricket in which there are only 20 overs for each team. As T20 is of only 20 overs game, so it is much less time consuming, and all most everyone can enjoy the match of this form. It is the primary reason for making cricket one of the most favorite game of the world.

T20 International is most getting more and more popular in this fast and monotonous lives of people because of its full entertainment package and less time consumption ability. You can watch cricket live free from here.

The One-day Internationals:

The next significant and primary reason for making cricket one of the most favorite game of world is the one-day general form of cricket. This type of cricket is also a limited over a competition but a bit longer than T20 general form as this for comprises of 50 overs for both sides.

A huge number of people also like this type of cricket very much, but the numbers are less than T20 general form of cricket. This form has a major event of world cup which comes after every four years. The fans of cricket impatiently wait for this major event.

The game of controlling nerves, Test Matches:

It is the game in which the only restriction is the five days. This form of cricket is not being loved because it is much tiring for anyone to watch the match consistently for five days. Test form of international cricket considered as a slow game of cricket, and this is the primary reason why people do not love this type of cricket. You can watch cricket live free from here.

T20 Leagues making a good impression on cricket all around the world

Different leagues for making cricket one of the most favorite game of world:

There is also some other form of cricket is being played all over the globe which plays a vital role in making cricket one of the most favorite game of the world. Some of the most popular leagues of cricket are as follow:

  • Pakistan Super League (PSL)
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Champions League


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